Your Pest Band: Listen to Japanese Punk N’ Roll Machine’s New Album (PREMIERE)

Photo: Teppei Miki

We’re psyched to premiere a song from Your Pest Band’s forthcoming vinyl release for Reflecting Board on Dead Broke Rekerds.

The long-running Japanese punk rock and roll act has been churning out hook-laden anthems for almost 15 years, offering up over 20 releases during that time. The band’s evolution finds them writing songs that are at once reminiscent of The Rolling Stones and Hüsker Dü, a testament to Your Pest Band’s progress and ingenuitive song-writing.

Today’s premiere is the title track from the LP, Reflecting Board, and gives the listener good insight into the band’s idiosyncratic mix of garage punk, pop rock, and good ol’ rock and roll:

Here is the vinyl pre-order link from Dead Broke Rekerds.

If you're in Japan, here are some Your Pest Band tour dates for ya:


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