Tetanus: Charlotte Band Keeps Their Hardcore Noisy & Weird

Photo: Jeff Howlett

Meet Tetanus, self-described as "Charlotte, North Carolina's best worst hardcore band of all time." 

Rocking a noisy and belligerent-sound, the group formed during the end times, aka the COVID pandemic. "Our previous band fell apart and we all decided to regroup on different instruments to refresh," Tetanus guitarist Todd told me in an email exchange with group.

"Initially, we didn't even think we would form a new band, but we were writing and recording new stuff that was totally different from what we were doing before. We recorded that first EP in maybe a month, and then forgot about Tetanus. Aside from practicing with different incarnations of people that summer and putting out the tape through Raleigh legends Sorry State, we were dormant until Scottie came in on drums, just in time for shows to come back again."

They just came back with Tetanus II, a new EP as gnarly as their aforementioned self-titled debut from 2020. This is for the weirdos:

Check out vocalist Slade's description of the Tetanus sound: "Have you ever heard a motorcycle idling and a fork scrape a plate and think, 'Wow, I should record this!'" Fuck.

Todd broke their sound down a bit more classically: "Noise, speed, loud, chaotic. The bands we all intersect on are punk classics like Void, Death, Wipers, Totalitär, Negative Approach, Discharge, and the Ramones. But we all listen to music outside of hardcore too."

"Slade and I both wrote lyrics," Todd explained. "I mainly wrote about discontent with other people's lives on this one, but tried to keep them as blunt as possible without giving away specific details." Slade said, "The lyrics on the EP reflect a lot of personal angst. Many tracks follow a storyline in relation to my own discomfort and personal experiences in life."

Tetanus drummer Scottie gave some love for their punk community: "The Charlotte music scene has grown substantially since the pandemic.

"Some pretty awesome Charlotte bands at the moment include Mutant Strain, Image of Man, Plan B, C.I.APE, Ink Swell, Mindvac, and Paint Fumes. There’s also several bands outside of Charlotte that we’ve played with that are great, like Nag and Consec."

Tetanus II is available on streaming outlets and on cassette via Judgement Tapes, a new label out of Charlotte.


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