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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Second Nature

Band: Second Nature
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Their formation story:
(Tyler, guitars): "I started Second Nature because I wanted to play guitar in a band where I get to take the lead in most of the writing. In A Mourning Star I'm on bass, and the guitar guys write most of the stuff.

(Luka, vocals): "Deuce Natty is the bastard child of the incestuous throuple that is A Mourning Star, Culminate, and Groza, all entities of The Here and Now Dynasty."  

Their sound in their own words:
(Tyler): "I would say the sound is a good mix of that mid-tempo groove, some more hardcore punk elements, and harder breakdowns that align more with an early beatdown or late '90s NYHC kind of sound more than anything.

"When I was like 13-14, I stumbled upon the Guerilla Warfare Fanzine mosh comps of Billy Club Sandwich and Everybody Gets Hurt on YouTube and that kind of sent me down a rabbit hole. To me, those bands have the perfect blend of elements that make hardcore awesome. We also just love that Crown of Thornz, Trapped Under Ice kind of energy. Finding a good blend of that hard stuff and higher energy that makes a hardcore show awesome is my goal with this band. I want us and whoever is watching us to have a good time."

(Luka): "I don’t really wanna put any kind of elaborate label on it, if you ask me I would call it straight-up hardcore. Genre discourse hurts my brain. As far as influences for my vocals go, No Warning, Violation, and Soul Search were some big ones when I was writing and where I was gathering inspiration for a lot of the vocal patterns and placements."

Latest release info:
(Tyler): "We just tried to have fun with it, especially with the different vocal elements we added. I'll be doing a run of cassette tapes of my new DIY label called Empty Form. Some merch too."

Future plans:
(Tyler): "Gonna try and record some more music and we wanna have another EP out before the fall. Play some shows here and there. nothing crazy."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
(Tyler): "Juice is a band that a lot of people would love if they could see them. I hope they get the chance to do more stuff. Also, A Mourning Star is getting some traction but the new EP we are cooking is crazy. I hope it pops off because it rips."

(Luka): Quite literally every band across Canada and the Northwest is crushing it right now. There are far too many to name but off the top of my head some underrated Vancouver powerhouses would be Juice, Cleaver, Ghaul, Incision, Poisoned Seeds, Seasons Worn, Thank You Driver, Smuther, and Crucible of Sorrow, who just put out an insane first EP. Shoutout to our OG bass player and esteemed Naitch alumni, Aleks."

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