Cast Away: California Hardcore Band Drops Where Is Your Power? EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jordan Massam

"Coming from the San Jose hardcore scene, we came up around a culture of bands that push to make music with musical integrity rather than trying to fit in with a certain image," says Cast Away vocalist Nick Worthington. "Seeing that myself and Trevor Johnson (guitar) cut our teeth on this scene, we’ve always pushed to take the music we love and spin it in a way only we can express it as the main songwriters of the band."

No Echo is chatting with Nick about Cast Away in honor of their new promo release, Where Is Your Power? "It's the proudest, most uniquely 'us' work that I think Cast Away has made thus far. After a lot of touring last year, we wanted to come home and take time to focus on piecing together the best songs we could that reflect us as musicians and people who enjoy hardcore.

"We love hardcore, metalcore, goth/industrial, and tons of other stuff…so we thought why not take it all and make it into something that we fully love. We didn’t want to make a record that we thought people would like, we just wanted to make something that’s fully ourselves."

Where Is Your Power? follows Cast Away's 2017 EP, Duality of Love. Nick gives some insight on the new material: "The lyrics deal with a lot of personal stuff that happened to me last summer. A lot of it reflects on my family’s struggles with addiction and some traumatic experiences that happened with people I love before we went on a full US tour.

"It’s hard to watch people I love so much hurting themselves or being hurt by other people, especially when there’s nothing I can do about it. I was angry with myself for not being able to protect them. I was angry at the world for causing so much pain to the people I care about. These songs were my way of getting those feelings out of me."


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