Crucible of Sorrow: Members of A Mourning Star, Groza Drop Debut Black Metal EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Aslan Shomakhov

Allow me to introduce you to Crucible of Sorrow from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Formed in the winter of 2022, the trio features members of A Mourning Star, Groza, and Cleaver. In terms of style, Crucible of Sorrow specialize in atmospheric black metal in the spirit of their prime influences: Inquisition, Drudkh and Sacramentum. 

Today, No Echo is the place premiering the band's 4-song EP, Sadistic Hymns of Sorrow:

"This is the first time I have ever done vocals in a band," Crucible of Sorrow's Aleksander Trzebunia told me via email. "I was always a guitar or bass player in my previous musical endeavours.

"After having the absolute worst year of my life regarding my physical and mental health, I nearly succumbed to depression and anxiety due to various shifts in my personal life. I decided that I needed to do something about that sentiment and regain what was most important to me; playing a style of music that I've always loved."

Aleksander also sent me his thoughts about the lyrics on the EP: "I wrote the lyrics to Sadistic Hymns of Sorrow in a very dark state over the course of a spring and summer when I felt extremely tortured by the complexities of my mind. It reflects how I felt at the time and still continue to do so in a certain way. Self loathing, depression and misanthropy are the main themes I wished to channel into this project.

"I didn't want to think too hard about different themes or try to force myself into writing about things that I felt didn't represent me or my ethos. Hence, all the lyrics came naturally to me and it wasn't difficult to craft a poetic side to it describing those themes and elements."


Sadistic Hymns of Sorrow will be released January 6th across all streaming platforms. 

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