Song of the Day

Time to Heal, “Trust” (Powertrip Records, 2017)

"It’s no surprise that when I feel down you're always around," snarls Time to Heal vocalist Sofia in one part of "Trust," a brand-new track from Time to Heal.

The Stockholm-based outfit break down walls in the fine tradition of Youth Crew style hardcore, and "Trust" instantly got my attention. The crisp production also appeals, with every vocal line cutting through the guitars with authority. 

Photo: Björn X Hörberg

Time to Heal have unquestionably studied their heroes, and I always say that there isn't anything wrong with that as long as you bring it. With "Trust"—and the rest of the band's forthcoming self-titled EP—the Swedish hardcore troupe have created a new fan in me.

Head to Time to Heal's Bandcamp page to hear all six cuts from their new EP.

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