Primal Age: French Metallic HC Outfit Returns w/ “The Devil Is Hidden in Shadow” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Tristan Sberna

Formed in the early '90s, Primal Age is a metallic hardcore band who writes passionately about such topics as animal rights, ecology, and the denunciation of mass overconsumption.

Throughout their 25+ plus years together, Primal Age have played over 700 shows throughout Europe, Mexico, Japan, and Brazil. Their festival appearances include Hellfest (2007, 2009), Bloodaxe Fest Tokyo (2013), and Superbowl of Hardcore (1999)

Now aligned with Dutch label WTF Records, Primal Age is gearing up for the release of their latest album, Masked Enemy. Take a listen to the track via its music video for "The Devil Is Hidden in Shadow" below for an early taste of the record:

"The Devil Is Hidden in Shadow" lyrics:

So many years observing, trying to understand, wondering
I thought I would trap him, would expose him to the light of day
I would identify him

But every time I approached for a better sight, his image became cloudy
Never in the light, using winding ways
Knowing how to use allies who will do his job for him
Divide and rule is a proven method for him

Cause ever since, the devil is hidden in shadow

You can eat at his table at the risk of losing yourself
Forget your principles and your values
For him, the end justifies the means
Yet, you’ll never know who he is and won’t be able to find his name

That’s the key of his success : the devil is hidden in shadow

You can try to challenge him, to make him fall
His power is unlimited

Masked Enemy will be released on June 11th via WTF Records. Pre-order links are alive directly from Primal Age (bundle options), WTF Records (LP, CD,), and CoreTex (LP, CD).

The digital pre-order kicks off tomorrow (March 30th) at this link, with "The Devil Is Hidden in Shadow" being instantly available upon purchase.

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