Freewill Revisit Their ‘80s SoCal Hardcore Roots in “The Show” Music Video (PREMIERE)

Photo: Nik Piscitello

With roots that go all the way back to the late '80s Southern California hardcore scene, Freewill recently released their second full-length record, All This Time. Produced by Paul Miner (Death by Stereo, H2O), the album is a melodic treat with elements of DC-tinged post-hardcore, alt-rock, and the mid-'90s era of Revelation Records, where hooks were king.

“The late '80s were insanely violent at punk shows," Freewill guitarist/vocalist Paul Cranston (ex-Stone Telling) tells No Echo about the era the band originally came out of.  "There were numerous times we actually feared for our lives. These later years have been great for Freewill. We have the benefit of drawing from our past and looking forward to the future!”

If you haven't checked All This Time out yet, No Echo is premiering the music video for "The Show," a track from the record. The lyrics in the Nik Piscitello-directed clip reflect Freewill's early experiences in the SoCal punk scene: 

“The song is a 100% reflection of where we were growing up and going to shows at venues like Fenders Ballroom, Olympic Auditorium, & Country Club,” says bassist Mike Hartsfield (ex-Outspoken, A18).

All This Time is available now on Unity Worldwide Records and comes out on CD and cassette mid-January on New Age Records.

Freewill tour dates with Field Day & Gameface:
2/24 - Soda Bar San Diego, CA
2/25 - Alex’s Bar Long Beach, CA 
2/26 - Dr Strange Records Alta Loma, CA 
2/27 - Corbin Bowl, Tarzana, CA

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