Song of the Day

The Elite, “Feel the Heat” (2019)

The Elite is a new Buffalo, NY outfit playing Oi!-styled jams that are full of hooks. Featuring former Selective Aggression vocalist Julie White, the group dropped their debut demo in the closing weeks of 2018 and it's a fun listen, with melodic guitar riffs and snappy arrangements that keep your attention.

Julie might not be fronting a straight-up hardcore band anymore, but she's carried over her gruff vocal style for The Elite and it works in a big way. While all three tracks on the demo are ear nuggets, I've gone with opener "Feel the Heat" today because it captures all of the sonic attributes I listed above in a really powerful and compact way.

Photo: MArk X Miller

Check out The Elite's demo on Bandcamp and Spotify today and follow them on Twitter.

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