You Should Be With Us: Melodic Cleveland Hardcore Band Impresses With Debut EP

Photo: Courtney Emery

Cleveland, Ohio’s You Should Be With Us is certainly a hardcore band in ethos.

Singer Andrew Albrecht puts it plainly, “Especially these days the world can seem very bleak…but with punk music and being involved in hardcore I’ve been introduced to wild settings and people from all walks of life that have helped me to look for the beauty in everything.”

He and his bandmates see hardcore and punk as something well beyond sound. And that vision carries over into their band. 

Musically, You Should Be With Us tinker with the traditional notions of the hardcore sound. They very clearly have the Revolution Summer vibe ala Embrace, Rites of Spring, and Dag Nasty. But they also have a modern take on that, offering up songs that bring Touché Amoré and Fiddlehead to mind.

You Should Be With Us dropped their debut EP, Expressing What We Felt, over the weekend:

Expressing What We Felt is out now via a joint release by Delayed Gratification Records and New Morality Zine on cassette and digital.


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