5 Releases That Made 2017 a Banger, by Tyler Guida (Crippled Earn)

Tyler Guida is the vocalist of Cripped Earn, a Bronx, NY-based hardcore band that released an EP called Swine earlier this year on MorseCode Recordings. As you can hear below, Crippled Earn combine pure NYHC braun with the melodicism of SoCal punk, especially in the chorus department.

Since Tyler is so entrenched with the music scene in the NY/NJ area, he wanted to give props to a few bands from his area of the country. Check out his list below for some new sounds.

I'll Never Be Okay, I'll Never Be the Same, Goddamnit

A front to back great rock record with memorable riffs, strong lyrical content and the recording is raw and punchy. Songs id strongly suggest off this one are "Steady Diet of Sugar" and "Letterbox."

Gloves Off, Time Spent, Cemeteries (3-Way Split)

All three of these bands make you want to smash the earth. If you haven't checked them all out yet, this split is the perfect way to do so. Every track is strong. Each band bringing a different element to the table but they all mesh together perfectly. Do not sleep on this one.

Uptown Boogie Down 2017, Enziguri

Bronx, NY hardcore at its best. Fast moving and catchy as all hell. My favorite song on this one is "Bronx Pub Brawl."moving and catchy as all hell. These guys are super pro active in the New York hardcore scene and deserve every bit of recognition they get.

On Sight, On Sight

A highly anticipated release in New Jersey hardcore. When On Sight formed they went all in, playing constantly and always putting in work. Lyrically memorable with strong punchlines and tons of great riff. My favorite track is "Public Enemy."

Phantom Pain, Phantom Pain

Angry record. Mean riffs and vocalist Chris Brea is a monster. Every single track gets you pissed in a great way. Sonic therapy for a disastrous mind. Listen to "Season of Evil" right now.

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