Trout: Melodic Indie Rock Prevails on ‘Figures’ EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Joey Acott

“Joke’s not funny the second time around," Trout’s vocalist and brainchild Roye Truong sings over "Contrition and Disclosure," the first song on Figures. This record will be the fourth release for the Windsor, Ontario-based band, but the first time seeing proper vinyl treatment.

It should be stated that I loved Roye’s previous band, Lychi, and that I was disappointed to hear they had called it a day. However, this new EP, albeit different from Lychi, is every bit as good. With parts that can feel like Alien Lanes-era Guided By Voices ("High Score") interspersed with early Hot Snakes-esque smart guitar ("Not Like Drugs"), this record feels familiar without falling in recent footsteps. Couple that with Roye’s voice, which I’ve heard described as “sort of like Randy Newman," and all easy comparisons are gone.

The video for the records single, "Mt. Eremos," was directed by Jono Hunter. On the more reserved, slower side of Trouts catalogue, the song seems to groove more than jingle. The video perfectly matches the song itself — a little distorted and fuzzy while maintaining it’s hook, and quirky without seeming disingenuous. 

Vinyl copies of Figures are available through Psychic Readings Records, cassette copies on Must Be Nice Records.

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