Song of the Day

The Chain, “Stepping Stone” (2018)

Featuring musicians who have played in such bands as Miles Away, The Others, and Manhunt, The Chain is a new hardcore outfit out of Perth, Australia I think you should check out. Their sound is in the same sonic spirit as Violent Reaction, Arms Race, and No Tolerance and that comes through loud and clear on their newly released 2-track teaser. Of the two songs, I went with "Stepping Stone," a hard-as-fuck cut with a driving rhythm that never comes up for air.

This isn't groove-based stuff in the least. What you get with The Chain is to-the-point hardcore with an anthemic, street fight kind of vibe to the entire thing. 

Stay tuned to Last Ride Records, a sick Australian label that will be releasing a record from The Chain in the coming months. Follow The Chain on Facebook.

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