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Lead Dream, “SSRI,” from A Bullet Offers Release (2019)

"Life keeps kicking me while I’m down 
My so-called friends aren’t around 
Do everything to make ends meet
But I can’t get on my feet"

Those are the kind of lyrics that are both gut-wrenching and sadly, timeless. But the nightmarish inspiration behind "SSRI" makes for a potent hardcore song. The track appears on A Bullet Offers Release, the debut EP from Lead Dream, a new Santa Cruz-based band featuring Malachi Greene on vocals, a musician who also plays bass in Jawstruck.

Lead Dream finds Malachi and company bringing metallic hardcore in the vein of classic Hatebreed and Terror, with tons of mosh being pushed throughout. "SSRI" is my favorite song from the EP and I'm sure cleans up the dance floor whenever the band busts it out in their set. The other three tracks on A Bullet Offers Release are written and delivered in the same pit-ready spirit and sound.

Photo: Josh Vega

Stream and download the A Bullet Offers Release EP on Lead Dream's Bandcamp page.

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