Wolf Whistle, The Present Disturbance (Triple-B Records, 2016)

Wolf Whistle features current and former members of Have Heart, XFilesX, and Straight Razor. Musically, the band brings to mind '90s powerviolence at times, with a healthy dose of both fast and sludgy riffs.

Formed back in 2007, Wolf Whistle have yet to release a proper full-length, but Sam Yarmuth's Triple-B Records just issued a new 7" EP from the group called The Present Disturbance. Featuring 10 tracks, the record doesn't waste any time getting to the point. Songs like "White Sheep" and "American Slavery" sound like something you would hear on those great Reality compilations that Six Weeks Records released in the '90s.

I mentioned earlier that Wolf Whistle haven't released an album yet, but maybe their vicious take on hardcore is best served on EPs, where they can get in and out quickly. Either way, The Present Disturbance is an absolute ripper of a record.

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