World Smasher Brings to Mind ‘90s Indie Rock Mixtapes via “Big Head” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Taylor Todd

Some melody x fuzzed-out guitars—but most importantly—great songs. That's the formula that makes what Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, and Dinosaur Jr. make so timeless.

Those are 3 of the bands World Smasher cite as prime influences to what they do, and I can happily say that they got the whole "great songs" part down pat. Listening to their stuff earlier today, it reminded me of Velocity Girl and Belly. 

They used to refer to this kind of stuff as "college rock" before MTV started playing it. Whatever it is, I've always loved it. Hannah Valente's sugary vocal lines are the perfect accompaniment to her bandmate's poppy yet crunchy guitar/bass riffs.

Featuring members of Spiritual Cramp, The Sweethearts, Firearm, Crucified, The She’s, and Blossom, the San Francisco-based quintet will be releasing a new record called Big Head in April, and it's being teased on the site today through its title track. 

It's the kind of song that would have undoubtedly ended up on many mixtapes, circa 1994:

"This song is about a crush, a crush that leaves you crushed," World Smasher vocalist Hannah told No Echo via email. 

"When you realize they don't just pay special attention to you, but they treat everyone that way... and that connection you felt was all in your big head... Ouch." 

Big Head will be released via Forever Never Ends Records on April 2nd. Hit the pre-order at this link to get in on the vinyl action. 

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