Song of the Day

Jellicoe & Woodbury, “Fear” (Quality Control HQ, 2018)

"Jellicoe and Woodbury are the twin dogs of Doubt and Fear, a poetic interpretation of James Joyce’s Ulysses, where dogs seemingly are ready to attack at any moment, based on Joyce’s well known fear of dogs," reads the bio included on Jellicoe & Woodbury's Bandcamp page. But outside of that and some recording session info, there's nothing else offered up about the new group.

The only bit of background I could figure out so far is that Jellicoe & Woodbury features one or more members of Fucked Up feature in the band. Either way, J&W is dropping a 2-song 7" and I've chosed "Fear" as my Song of the Day today. Why? Well, quite simply, it fucking rips and tears like fast hardcore always should.

There's nothing about the track and recording that I don't love. The vocals are especially tasty, coming at you from various angles, which I'm not sure if that's because they have two vocalists or they tracked them to sound like that. Either way, the shit hits hard. 

Jellicoe & Woodbury's "Fear b/w Doubt" 7" is available for pre-order now via Quality Control HQ.

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