Simulakra: Delaware Hardcore Band's Mankind Is a Disease Is Delicious Brutality

Photo: Gabe Becerra

Delaware’s Simulakra have returned to inflict further First State savagery. Delivering on the promise of their superlative 2019 EP, Tales From the Fevered Subconscious, the band’s latest is a 2-song shot of sonic adrenaline.

The aptly named Mankind Is a Disease is being released by Connecticut’s DAZE, which is quickly becoming a home for essential Northeast hardcore. 

Again specializing in a brutish brand of pummeling, Simulakra somehow sound even more vicious and savage this go round. Whether they’ve indeed become the living embodiment of unforeseen strife or the soundtrack to 2 years of erratic circumstance, both “As It Rots,” and its bedfellow, “Terror Tactics,” feel particularly barbed and harrowing.

To any prospective imitators, Simulakra is back. Accept no simulacra, for there’s only one. DEHC. 

Mankind Is a Disease is streaming everywhere, and also available on cassette via DAZE.


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