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Berthold City, “Moment of Truth” (2017)

OK, so I don't know any of the autobiographical information on Berthold City as of this post, but any band who starts off their demo with a sample of Gang Starr is good as golden in my book. The title for the aforementioned Brooklyn duo's 1998 Moment of Truth album title is also nicked (in tribute) here, but that's where the Guru and DJ Premier comparisons end.

"Moment of Truth" is a fast-paced hardcore rager that works as a perfect introduction to Berthold City. The Los Angeles-based outfit's guitar riffs are of the to-the-point variety, which is never a problem around these parts. On the topic of vocal style, the shit is gruff yet clear enough to make out the dude is screaming about. 

Berthold City's 3-song demo is available on cassette, and is also streaming in its entirety on Bandcamp.

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