Poisoned Seeds: Ex-Go It Alone, Blue Monday Members Bring ‘90s Hardcore Feel on New Demo (PREMIERE)

Photo: Avrinder Dhillon

Allow us to introduce you to Poisoned Seeds, a new hardcore band based out of the Pacific Northwest of the US. The quintet is comprised of Brad Colliss (ex-Go It Alone), Avrinder Dhillon (ex-Hollow Ground), Motor Kehoe (ex-Blue Monday), Taylor Stuart (Juice), and Rob Foster (The Enforcers).

Formed in 2020, Poisoned Seeds' stylistic approach recalls the metallic hardcore onslaught of Buried Alive, Strife, and All Out War. “Coming out of a pandemic and a motorcycle accident, we decided to get together and record some music in Avrinder’s basement," vocalist Brad told me via email about their formation. 

Enough yapping and let's get to it! Check out Poisoned Seeds' 3-song demo below and get your mosh on:

“The lyrics are an expression of how I feel when I’m at my darkest," Brad said about his lyrics on the demo. If this demo is any indication of what they're capable of together, I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from Poisoned Seeds in the very near future.

Demo '22 will arrive on streaming outlets on September 30th, with a physical release coming soon.

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