Shitstorm: St. Louis Psych-Punk Outfit Unleash a Demonic Alien on New EP

Photo: Kristie Wickwire

Shitstorm is the brainchild of musician Matt Stuttler. Before developing into a full-on band, the project started back in 2013 as a solo endeavor where he explored his garage punk influences.

The current lineup of Shitstorm came together around 2018 with Andy Kahn on bass, Austin Fogel on drums, and Karl Frank handling guitar duties. Matt met his bandmates through the St. Louis music scene.

"Shitstorm draws heavily from the psychedelic punk jungle of the '60s and '70s, interlaced with post punk and dabbling in krautrock," Matt told No Echo via email. "It's evil snarling vocals, monster mash graveyard smash music." The group has played over 300 shows in 33 states, multiple US tours, and have played shows with Jeff the Brotherhood, Diarrhea Planet, and Chain & the Gang, among other acts.

A 5-song EP, Demonic Alien, is the newest Shistorm release:

"The 7-inch was written mainly before the pandemic," said Matt, "dealing with topics of burning out from years of touring and experiencing different scenes around the US, not knowing if existence or taking up space matters, and exploring the collision of the spirit world of space and time."

The email conversation closed out with Matt's thoughts on the music community at Shitstorm HQ. "St. Louis is always poppin’, going through phases like a lot of places around us—starting to see a new wave of post punk/hardcore bands, and electronic acts going off. Ace of Spit (featuring Gabe from Lumpy & the Dumpers), Maximum Effort, Boreal Hills (helmed by guitarist Karl Frank and occasionally featuring the rest of Shitstorm as the backing band live), Prunes.

"Rock 'n' roll is in the DNA of St. Louis (Chuck Berry, baby) so that vein always run hot."


Demonic Alien is out on December 30th via Do What? Records (7-inch pre-order).

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