Fixation: Philly Hardcore Outfit Signs with WAR Records, Announce Debut EP

Photo: Zoe Dillman

Comprised of former and current members of such bands as The Dividing Line, New Heart, Drowse, and Time’s Up, Fixation is a Philadelphia-based hardcore band Andrew Kline (Strife, Berthold City, World Be Free) just introduced me to. You see, Andrew has great taste in hardcore and when he's feeling a new group, I pay attention. How much does he believe in Fixation? Well, he's signed them to his label, WAR Records.

"Andrew approached us when we released the tour promo for our dates with Leeway in January, and as we looked deeper into the label, War seemed like a good fit for the release," says Matthew, Fixation's vocalist. "While we're a younger band and definitely on the punk end of the spectrum for hardcore, we have a lot of qualities that tend to link us directly with old guard bands and members that extend past the punk and DIY audience we might otherwise find ourselves exclusively connecting with and we see that pattern with most of the bands on the WAR roster. Spending some time with Andrew when Berthold City came through Philly with Fireburn and Kill Your Idols really sealed the deal for wanting to work with him."

This year's 4-track promo (embedded above) finds Fixation bringing pissed off-styled hardcore in the antagonistic spirit of No Tolerance and Right Brigade. WAR Records will be dropping Fixation's debut EP, Marked, later this summer. Recorded and mixed by Wyatt Oberholtzer (Year of the Knife, The New Harmony), the EP will feature 8 tracks that will clock in at just over 8 minutes. 

Photo: Zoe Dillman

Matthew gives me some insight on the new recording. "Musically, this record is definitely a step toward growth for us. While this particular band has only existed for a matter of months, all of us have been playing in punk and hardcore bands for a long time. Personally, this is my first time branching out from the by-the-book hardcore punk and Youth Crew I've been playing since I was a kid, implementing both vocal and compositional elaboration throughout the tracks.

"Lyrically, these songs can largely be classified as an accumulation of honesty. In a time where many seem to think the whole of their thought process is to be heard at all times and on all platforms, I think the value of pouring one's amassed grievances into art can be lost. A lot has happened this year, and I saved most of my grief for this release."

Photo: Errick Easterday

With the release of Marked on the horizon, Fixation will be hitting the road with WAR Records labelmates Miracle Drug in May and are expected to tour throughout 2018. Follow Fixation on Bandcamp and Instagram. Stay tuned to WAR Records in the coming weeks for more information on the EP's release.

Fixation tour dates:
5/10 - Cincinnati w Spear and Burn Victim
5/11 - 5/14 Tour with Miracle Drug
5/11 Chicago, IL @ Galaxie 2.0
5/12 Lexington, KY (Watch Me Rise Fest) @ The Parachure Factory
5/13 Washington, DC @ Slash Run
5/14 Philadelphia, PA @ The Pharmacy 

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