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Bait, “Principles” (2018)

Outside of the fact that they hail from Barcelona, Spain, I don't know anything biographical about Bait. That's OK for now, but their recently released demo is so goddamned good that I'll have to figure out their story sometime soon.

I stumbled across Bait's demo while scrolling through Bandcamp the other day and have been hooked on the combo's seething hardcore assault. While each of the 7 tracks found on the release are worthy of their own praise, I've chosen opener "Principles" as the highlight here since it incorporates the various ingredients that make the band so irresistible. In other words, the track shifts tempos on the fly, includes gravel-throated vocals, and a mosh towards the end that appeals to the caveman in me.

Head to Bait's Bandcamp page to check out their entire 2018 demo.

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