Under Attack, Preservation's Crash (Three One G, 2021)

It’s always been a little weird to throw around terms like “supergroup” or pull the “featuring members of...” card on hardcore records, knowing these bands still form in very organic ways, but Under Attack certainly doesn’t lack for scene veterans.

These guys have done time in no less than Limp Wrist, Eucharist, and Hail Mary, and that’s not even counting Dave Witte’s presence who is probably the hardest working drummer in the underground.

Yet the vibe on this group’s new EP, Preservation’s Crash, is pure basement rage hardcore. 

While the feel here is certainly old school Punk and Hardcore, opener “Freedom is to Die” quickly reveals a blast-oriented update to the sound. Imagine Infest covering Negative Approach, or maybe the other way around. Either way it works, the track is an absolute ripper.

From there they rip through eight tracks in as many minutes. Despite the brevity, each song is a well constructed blast furnace of rage.

Under Attack (Photo: Michael Thorn)

“Dig Your Own Graves” lays waste to everything in under thirty seconds, while “Siphon” closes with an almost old-school sing-along break. “You Must Pay” actually ends on a slightly mellower riff, but the attack resumes before you know it. “Blood Verses” and “Die Already” bring things to a close with their unrelenting assaults. 

Preservation’s Crash is short and fast, and let’s be honest, that’s why we are here, right? Every track is a ripper and you can listen to the whole thing 3 or 4 times on the way to your shitty job or anything else your dreading. Hopefully it makes you feel better. 

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