Loyal Until Death, Remain Defiant (1732 Records, 2017)

Loyal Until Death isn't for everyone. The Florida band write and perform music with some of the most over-the-top negative lyrics you'll find anywhere in the metallic hardcore realm.On the opening title track of their forthcoming sophomore album, Remain Defiant, the trio rip into the verse with a far-from-romantic sentiment:

"Fuck the law / fuck the system / fuck the church / fuck your religion / fuck your scenes / fuck your trends / fuck your family / fuck your friends"

Yeah, Loyal Until Death aren't ones for subtlety.

The lyrical outlook on the rest of the album doesn't stray from the in-your-face attitude and it suits the music well. Most of the tracks on Remain Defiant chug along at a quick pace, but there's always a groove part lurking around the bend. The slower sections bring to mind Crowbar, with guitarist Nakia Romero never seeming to run out of riffs of the fat variety.

On the production side, engineer Daniel Columbo gave the album a clear-as-glass sound which brings Loyal Until Death's already commanding lyrical and musical assault all the more forceful. This isn't music for people who prefer their hardcore with melodic nuances, but if you like the lean and mean strain of hardcore, Loyal Until Death got your back.

Remain Defiant arrives in stores on July 7 via 1732 Records and can be pre-ordered here.

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