Zero Eight One: Italian Youth Crew Outfit on Their New Split with Freewill

Photo: Maria Daniela Cesarini 

Formed in 2013, Zero Eight One is an Italian band with a strong connection to the Southern Californian hardcore scene. Not only was their 2016 album, Something to Say, issued by Orange County-based Irish Voodoo Records, the Napalese hardcore outfit also played shows in the region, forging friendships with people from the scene here.

In another example of their close ties to California, Zero Eight One recently teamed up with Freewill for a split 7 inch called The Adventures of Johnny Six. "The collaboration with Freewill was born from the great friendship I have with Mike [Hartsfield] from Freewill," says Zero Eight One bassist Gianluca Tatafiore to No Echo, "and the idea of ​​making a record together was very much liked by Dario of Goodwill Records."

Check out the Zero Eight One track "Count Me Out" from the split EP below:

In terms of influences, Gianluca tells us he and his bandmates keep things classic:

"Zero Eight One is a Youth Crew hardcore band, mostly influenced by Youth of Today, Chain of Strength, and Insted, with a touch of melody ala Ignite."

Photo: Lavinia D'Elia

How about the hardcore community where Zero Eight One is based out of in Italy? "The scene here is very articulated with several bands scattered throughout the region without a real unitary scene. In terms of bands, I also play in a D-beat/crust punk band called Mauled, and another band with a killer sound is Blvd of Death."

The Adventures of Johnny Six is out now via Goodwill Records.

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