Harker: UK Band Generates ‘90s Melodic Guitar-Rock Vibes on “Adulthood” (PREMIERE)

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With a sound that scratches all of the right MTV's 120 Minutes, circa 1994, spots, Harker is a UK band after my own heart.

Listening through their discography (1 EP, 1 LP), the UK outfit reminded me of the same kind of angsty melodic vibe groups like Samiam, Gameface, and Superchunk gave off, but there's also a nuanced dissonance to a lot of their material. Basically, Creation Records would have probably been into them back in the day. 

Formed in 2014, Harker jokingly (I think?) refer to themselves as an "emogaze" band, and I get what they're saying either way.

Spending a portion of 2019 playing shows throughout the world, including a tour of Japan, Harker got to work on the material that would eventually lead to the making of their sophomore album last year.

Hitting stores in late April, Axiom finds the quartet introducing some newer textures into their approach, citing both Jets to Brazil and Sonic Youth as direct influences.

Here's a music video Harker created for the Axiom track "Adulthood" that makes me all kinds of nervous:

"'Adulthood’ is based on the feeling of security and identity we develop as we mature into adult life," Harker guitarist/vocalist Mark Boniface told No Echo. 

"As we experience trials and tribulations, we gain ground against the fragility that we fear. Our mortality it tests us, but we should not let this impermanence stop us from blossoming."

Axiom will be released on April 23rd via Wiretap Records. You can also save it on Spotify.

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