World of Pleasure Returns With New EP, Reminds Us Why No One Is Doing Metallic HC Better

When Canadian musicians Colter (Mortality Rate, Serration, Delusion) and Jess (Mortality Rate) combine their talents to work on material for World of Pleasure, something truly powerful happens.

World of Pleasure first emerged in late 2020 via a 3-track demo that garnered adoration from fans of metallic hardcore (of the non-beatdown kind, I have to add) throughout the globe. I gushed about the demo myself, and even included WoP on my 12 Newer Hardcore Bands to Check Out in 2021 list.

A few weeks ago, while chatting with Colter about his Delusion project (another banger hardcore heads should peep), he told me new World of Pleasure material was dropping in a few days.

Well, I am happy to report that the tunes in question have arrived in the form of World of Pleasure & Friends, a 4-track EP that builds on the strength of their demo. Without trying to be hyperbolic, I don't think anyone is doing metallic hardcore better than World of Pleasure these days.

"We didn’t talk about any influences or anything, we just didn’t want to be the millionth vegan band that is metalcore so decided to do something different," Colter told me via email about he and Jess' sonic blueprint for all-things World of Pleasure.

"Jess and I are on the exact same page, I’m just writing music that I want to hear, hardcore that makes you wanna dance and sing along."

Since he's always juggling several bands, I asked Colter how he goes about deciding what material goes where when he's writing. "I’m very intentional when I write music for a particular band. Mortality Rate has its fast and heavy D-beat style metallic hardcore and I stick to those perimeters, where as with Serration it’s a lot more of a calculated chaotic metalcore, and again I stay within that realm."

"World of Pleasure kinda just does whatever we think is cool and don’t really hold it within any boundaries and I think that’s how it ended up sounding the way it does."

Jess performing with Mortality Rate (Photo: Dec)

So, is World of Pleasure a functioning live outfit now, or will it remain a studio sort of deal? WoP a full-on band now? "World of Pleasure is still Jess and I when it comes to writing and recording but we do have a dope roster of vegan straight edge homies who are extremely talented and down to play shows with us. World of Pleasure is bigger than us now, it’s the homies too."

Guests on World of Pleasure & Friends include Dominic Vargaz (True Love), Shaun Alexander (xServitudex, Despize), Jaxon Craig (Safe and Sound, Different Face), and Chad Pingree (Witness Chamber).

Like I mentioned earlier, I wasn't alone in my love for the World of Please demo. I wondered if Colter and Jess were surprised by the huge reaction it received. "Yeah, we honestly had no clue what to expect when we put it out, we just wanted to have an xvx project and had no actual expectations for its reception.

"We’re so grateful people ended up fucking with it the way they do now and it kinda what inspired us both to keep it going, this new record is everything that we think makes World of Pleasure what it is and hopefully it’s as well received as the first release."

What’s the plan for World of Pleasure from this point on? "Have fun, do whatever we want, usually to spite what people think we should do [laughs]. Gonna start playing some shows especially now that traveling is more viable. Nothing is set in stone.

"We’re just gonna keep doin shit how we wanna do it and hopefully people keep rockin' with us, hardcore old-school style."


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