Shiners Club Jump In the Squared Circle for “Mea Culpa” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Forrest Locke

Earlier this summer, I introduced you to Shiners Club, the new punk hardcore outfit comprised of vocalist Dan O'Mahony, bassist Colin Buis, drummer Doug MacKinnon, and guitarist John Coyle. Well, I'm thrilled to partner with the band to bring you the premiere of their new video for their song "Mea Culpa." While the track was produced by Paul Miner (Adolescents, Terror), its accompanying video was directed by photographer Forrest Locke, a trusted collaborator of the group.

I'll let Shiners Club vocalist O'Mahony take it from here:

Mea culpa… Not a boy anymore, not by a damned sight. More like decades racked and stacked as less than a man. Fly high, swing low, scream at the low points, go lazy at the high. Track the last ten years. Make it the last seven. Try to log the tremors. Try to log the shakes. Scribble on and on about the moment they stopped. The space… the place… the face that almost lightened the load.
Too beautiful  for my usual bullshit about beauty. Poetry as stink and stain. Too bright to blind with brilliance. Too clever for words on a rail. I’ve got a good forehead. For a year or so I can hold my tongue.

Find space. Find rhythm. Find smiles. Find connection. Field attention as something more. Sneak around, hit the town, hold hands, hold tongues, hold court. Me? We? Whatever.

Between my ears? Fuck husbands. Fuck boyfriends. Fuck bodies as bandaids for loss outrun. Behind my eyes I’m burnin’ like Bobby, “Stick ‘em up motherfuckers, we come for what’s ours.”

I’m thinking about how I’m being, I’m thinking there’s a bad man here
I’m thinking about what I’m seeing and I wanna smash that mirror

I know better. I know heartbreak and being fed the color green. So what?
How’s the family? How’s the old man? He still spiraling towards God knows what? How’s the next batch of cancer? How’s the job? Up in smoke again? Beg, borrow, steal to make rent. Penance for a job well done. How’s the ex? How’s what’s next? She have another kid yet?

I’ve been better, I’ve never been worse
I’ve been better my dear
I’ve been better, I have never been worse
I said I wanna smash that mirror

And then the drink goes dark. Too much said. Too much shown. Shatter the social contract. Wear it on your sleeve and watch it disappear. Smile. Sneer. “Why… so… serious?” Bite the hand that bugs you. Go visible. Go difficult. Go too far.

Can’t stomach your reaction
Makes me wanna cover my ears
Can’t stomach my own actions
Maybe I wanna live in fear

Favored nation status, going… going… GONE. Distance, chaparones and flaccid tones. Late night texts now mid day ‘nexts’.  Alrighty then. Blow it all to shit. Blow it all fucking wide. Pick fights, wreck nights. Say what can’t be said. It isn’t news to anyone.  Shit the bed. Can’t put this toothpaste back in the tube. Please take me down. Please take me.


I’m living in a world of regret
I’m marching on a misery mile
I’m dreaming ‘forgive forget’
But I’m smiling an idiot’s smile

Not a boy anymore, not by a damned sight. Where we at? What have we got? Another room.  Another tomb. Another salary gig. A world without you, my softer, more beautiful someone than myself. My someone else’s someone. Please take me down. Please take me.

Just me and my mea culpa
Me, me… me me me
Just me and my mea culpa
Just me… me me me
All me, all my fault
All me, all my fault
Just me and my mea culpa
Me, me… me me me

In another man’s shoes find another man’s blues. Imagine the pain that would come from getting what I want. Pain like no other. Pain visited on some half assed somehow brother. Somehow, somewhere too decent to still wish I could take that toll. Alive and aware I need to slow my roll.
Or maybe fucking not…

I’m thinking about how I’m being, I’m thinking there’s a bad man here.



Follow Shiners Club on Facebook and Instagram. The band will be making their debut live perfomance on Oct. 28 at The Prospector in Long Beach, CA along with The Eulogy, Drago, and Burn Infinite:

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