Suntouch House: Fans of Kiss It Goodbye & Bloodlet Need to Check Their New EP Out Now

Photo: Joel Cedeno

It's not their first time being featured on No Echo, but if it's your first time hearing about Suntouch House, you're in for a treat. Formed in early 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida, the band offers up a sound that seethes with rage and frustration, delivered in a slow-burning yet intense approach that reminds me of Kiss It Goodbye and Bloodlet.

"We jammed for a few months together until we realized we needed another guitarist," Suntouch House guitarist Troy told me back in 2022. "I suggested Reed because I liked his other bands but mainly because he had Rorschach’s Protestant as his profile picture on Instagram." Since then, Reed has moved over to drum duties in the band.

Suntouch House's debut release, Demonstration, dropped a couple of years ago, and now they've returned with an even more impressive set of songs in the shape of an EP entitled Laugh to Myself. 

I'm not sure how popular this style of hardcore/metal/punk (whatever you want to call it) is right now, but Laugh to Myself is mothefucker of a record. More people need to dig into this band and hear it for themselves:

"I wrote the Laugh to Myself lyrics about depression, honesty, memory loss, and trauma bonds," says vocalist Nick.

"'Staring Contest,' in particular, is a song about making things fair. When you love someone and it kills you to love them, how you've died a thousand times loving them, and how none of it is fair until they die for you."

By the way, Suntouch House got their band name from the 2002 cyberpunk novel Altered Carbon. It was later turned into a Netfix series that ran for two seasons (2018-2020).

Laugh to Myself is available digitally and on CD via DAZE.

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