Treason: New Age Records Artists Return with “True Believers” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Jacob McClanahan

Featuring musicians who have also been members of such bands as Culture, Terror, One Nation Under, and Suffocate Faster, Treason formed back in 2017 with metallic hardcore on their minds. Since then, the Cincinnati outfit have been getting their name out there on both regional and national-level live appearances, including Sweat Fest, New Age 30, and coming up next month, DYT Fest in Dayton, OH.

Treason's last EP, No One Is Safe, arrived in 2017 via New Age Records. The classic label (Unbroken, Redbait) will be teaming up with the group again for True Believers, a 5-track EP which will arrive in the early Winter months. In this No Echo exclusive, we're bringing you the premiere of the EP's title track:

"The song describes our lifelong commitment to straight edge and hardcore as a whole," Treason guitarist Rich Thurston tells No Echo. "We've individually put in a lot of years and this band is a reflection of the time we've spent involved in hardcore music. Each song on the new EP comes from a place of deep anger as well as deep conviction. I'm not a very happy guy as are not most of us.

"I see a lot of things going on in the world and it makes me furious and those feelings of anger and frustration are illustrated in these new songs. This world is a shit show."

Follow Treason on their social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) for more info, but expect the True Believers EP out in the next couple of months via New Age Records.

Upcoming Treason shows:
Sept. 28 - St. Louis, MO @ FUBAR (New Age Midwest festival w/ Mean Season, Redbait, Decline + more
Oct. 5 - Dayton, OH @ The Warehouse (DYT Fest w/ Waking Kills the Dream, Suffocate Faster, Ghost Key + more
Feb. 7 & 8 - Louisville, KY @ Riot Skatepark (LDB Fest w/ Terror, Bitter End, Fiddlehead, Inclination + more

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