New Age Records to Release Compilation to Help Benefit Oregon District Shooting Victims

Mike Hartsfield from New Age Records just sent me the following for No Echo to share with its readers. —Carlos Ramirez

New Age Midwest Fest is on September 28th in St. Louis, MO (with a pre-show 9/27, also in St. Louis) and a corresponding 15-band compilation is being created to commemorate the event while benefitting charity.

Each band playing the New Age Midwest Fest donated a song to the Actions Over Words compilation, which will be available at the show and also by mail order. All proceeds raised from the sales will benefit the Dayton Foundation, an organization that has been a crucial resource in the Oregon District Tragedy that took place on Aug. 4, 2019.

"These are days of a different kind of chaos: "We have tried nothing, and we are all out of ideas". Our system, while condemning collective action, forces us to collectively own our relief efforts. I am truly proud to have access to a venue making this fundraising comp happen. No venue should ever be wasted,” says Nicholas James, project and event producer. "We all have 5 minutes. To waste that five minutes on one's self is unforgivable. Thank you to B, New Age, the bands, and those contributing with their resources."

The bands included on the compilation are Life Force, Kill Their Past, Heel Turn, Abraxas, Redbait, Mean Season, True Self, Treason, Dying For It, Decline, Brute Force, The Dividing Line, Disappear, Through N Through, and ThirdFace.

"I had the idea to do a “mixtape” of all the bands playing the fest. Kind of a promotion tool you can also have as a special keepsake. One of the first shows I ever went to, when I was probably 14, the flyer was a CD-r with a couple of songs from each band on it," says B, who co-produces alongside Nicholas. "That always stuck with me and I’ve wanted to do something like that forever. Then we got to talking and said why not make this a fundraiser? Comps are a great way for the scene to come together to raise money and awareness."

Pre-orders begin Friday, Sept. 13 at NewAgeRecords.net. If you would like to learn more and possibly donate to the Dayton Foundation, you can find out more information at DaytonFoundation.org.

New Age Midwest Fest happens Saturday, Sept. 28th at Fubar located at 3108 Locust St. St Louis, MO, 63103. Go to FubarSTL.com for tickets and info.

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