Walk Fearless: Michigan Hardcore Musician Goes Solo on Upcoming EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Sam Rottschafer

No Echo recently got hit up by Joel Otte, singer/bassist of Michigan hardcore band, Worst Self, about something he's been working on as of late. Walk Fearless is his new solo project where he mines influence from such bands as Have Heart, Modern Life is War, and Strike Anywhere.

"Walk Fearless was born after seeing Have Heart reunite in Boston last summer," Joel tells No Echo. "I got back to Michigan and these songs just kind of came out. Thought about getting some guys from various bands spread across Michigan to make the EP happen but the logistics just weren't possible.

"With busy schedules, kids and commitments to our other bands it just wasn’t feasible. Worst Self was going to quickly learn the songs and knock it out as a side project but we spent our time focusing on new material instead. When COVID hit and everything closed, I saw my opportunity to finish these songs."

Let's check out a track called "The Way of Deception" from Walk Fearless' debut EP, What It Takes, below to hear what Joel has been cooking up:

"'The Way of Deception' is a song about the devil on your shoulder," says Joel. "Whispering into your ear that it’s ok. It’s not you it’s them. Being a recovering alcoholic I know this voice all too well. I believed the lie for so many years that my drinking was not a problem for me. It was a problem for everyone else.

"It wasn’t until I saw my life flash before my eyes that I realized that I had a problem and needed to sober up. The way of deception is self deception."

The 5-song What It Takes EP is available for pre-order in a very limited run of 30 cassettes via Worst Records.

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