doomtech: LA-Based Musician/Programmer Explores Jarring Sound on New Album (PREMIERE)

Listening to doomtech—especially with great headphones—can be a jarring experience. 

The brainchild of Los Angeles-based musician/computer programmer M.A. Mendoza, the solo studio project finds him mining some of the most nightmarish qualities of death metal, metallic hardcore, industrial, and other elements of extreme music into his songwriting.

Today, No Echo is bringing you the premiere of Hacking the Masses, a 9-song album that finds Mendoza pushing the doomtech sound even further. "The album digs further into the state of our current 'Tech Gilded Age,' he told No Echo via email. Hacking the Masses follows a pair of previously released EPs and last year's Startup album.

"Lyrically, the songs are inspired by tech-focused media, such as the podcasts: Darknet Diaries and Make Me Smart, as well as the books The Big Nine by Amy Webb, We Have Been Harmonized by Kai Strittmatter, and, of course, 1984 by George Orwell, though not a recent book, very much relevant to this day."

Soak in the doomtech madness via Hacking the Masses below:

"Sonically, the new songs push further into the lo-fi cyber metal/hardcore and noise of previous releases, while bringing forth a little more instrumental melody into the mix," said Mendoza.

"Influences are diverse, but would recommend this FFO: Anaal Nathrakh, Code Orange, Converge, Enforced, Fear Factory, Full of Hell, .gif from god, Godflesh, Jesus Piece, Pig Destroyer, Vamachara, Vein.FM, and Year of the Knife."

Hacking the Masses will be officially be out tomorrow (April 9th), but it's available for download now on Bandcamp. Hit this link to check out doomtech merch.

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