No Souls Saved: All Out War, Mindforce Members Bring (Moshy) Death Metal Storm

We've told you about them before, but in case you missed the previous No Echo coverage, let me introduce you to No Souls Saved.

Comprised of musicians who have also played in such bands as All Out War, Mindforce, Living Weapon, and Pillars of Ivory, the New York-based quintet made their debut earlier this year via a 2-song promo. No Souls Saved finds the group bringing forth a sound that is mostly rooted in groove-driven death metal, but traces of metallic hardcore seap into the mix. 

"We wanted to do a brutal hardcore/death metal project, so we did it," guitarist Lumpy told me about the project. "We're hoping to play some shows whenever we can all get together."

No Souls Saved just dropped their proper debut, a five-song EP called Not One Saved, and as you can hear above, it's got one chunky riff after the other. With not one track hitting the 2-minute mark, it's death metal that gets to the point and leaves out any wankery. Hell yeah.

Not One Saved is available on CD and the pre-order for the 7-inch version is live at DAZE.


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