Total Meltdown: NYHC Unit “Embrace It” on Debut Track (PREMIERE)

Photo: Aaron DuRall

I have known Chris Enriquez for years. He drummed for Long Island hardcore band On the Might of Princes and signed to Revelation Records around the same time that my band, Thirty-Two Frames, joined in the early 2000s. Years later, he filled on drums for some Supertouch shows, and we have always kept in touch with each other ever since.

I was asking him what he's been up to lately and found out he started a new band called Total Meltdown. On my first listen I could hear a Cro-Mags influence, and then totally heard a BURN vibe on more listens. Check out their brand new song, "Embrace It," and see why I've been smiling all week listening to this track:

"It is all about accepting the fact that you are not in control of everything happening in your life," Total Meltdown vocalist Ralph Torres told me about the song.

"To maintain your sanity and not have a total meltdown, embrace the chaos, don't drown in it. At times life may feel like it's just a series of difficult situations, but if you find your groove you can stay afloat through it all." 

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