Spit Locket: Portland Band Offers Groove-Driven Metalcore via “Shattered Reflections”

Photos courtesy of Spit Locket

The musicians in Spit Locket love their metalcore to keep listeners on their toes. Their arrangements shift from chaotic one moment to groove-driven the next to hyper-melodic a part later.

Formed just under a year ago, the Portland, Oregon-based band is clear in their musical and political leanings. "Our focus is intensity: in our performance and in our music," Spit Locket guitarist/vocalist Devin Smith tells No Echo. "We have aggressive, distorted, very groovy and sometimes kind of wonky, riffs, primal, borderline neanderthalic drums, throat shredding screams, and a knack for a breakdown coming out of left field.

"We are anti-capitalist, pro-feminist/POC/LGBTQIA+ rights and those themes come through in our songwriting, whether literally or metaphorically. These issues impact our everyday lives and as a band feel as though we must address them in our art. We live in a late stage capitalist world, and Spit Locket was born to make loud music in opposition to it."

Spit Locket will be releasing their debut EP, Shattered Reflections, next month. Gnaw on the EP's riffy title track below in this exclusive premiere:

"This song came from somewhat of an inside joke," Devin wrote No Echo. "My partner teases me about having to piss before doing anything or going anywhere, and I say it's because of my anxiety. And without getting too extremely philosophical, I see my anxiety as a symptom of living in a late stage-capitalist America.

"Having to worry about going to my job, paying bills, credit scores, debts, etc., is what causes my anxiety. The game they make us play causes my anxiety. The lyrics during the breakdown reference this: 'Your game's the reason for my anxiety piss, and I know one day you're drowning in it.' Maybe one day the working class will be able to drown those at the top in our anxiety piss."

The Shattered Reflections EP will be out on December 8th across all digital music outlets.

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