School Drugs: New Jersey Hardcore Punks “Feel Like S**t” on Track From Forthcoming 7”

Photo: Greg Pallente

New Jersey band School Drugs can never be accused of not seeing a long-form concept through. Instead of releasing a standard, one act album, the hardcore quintet decided to issue their Funeral Arrangements album in four parts. The first one, Visitation, dropped in 2021, with Absolution and Procession coming out in the two years that followed.

Next month, School Drugs will drop Disposition, the fourth and final installment of Funeral Arrangements. "We wanted to spread the record out while we waited for the pandemic to be over," vocalist Josh Jurk explains to No Echo about the unorthodox release plan. "Spacing everything out also gave us more time to write, record, and perfect everything we were putting out.

"Having the time to just fuck around with synths and whatever other instruments we have around at practice is shaping the direction we're headed in for future releases and sounds. I highly doubt we'll ever embark on another 4-year journey like this one again."

Photo: Keith Baillargeon

Indecision Records hooked us up with a track from Disposition called "Feel Like Shit" to premiere on the site today. "Essentially every line in 'Feel Like Shit' was something I said to my therapist in a single session," reveals Josh. "I just sat there rattling off everything I was feeling in rapid succession while she waited for me to be done. I'm sure it didn't rhyme as I said it in conversation. 

"I want this song out there as soon as possible, I need everyone screaming 'I feel like fucking shit' as soon as possible. Premiering the song hopefully gets us to that reality sooner."

Josh also shares some of School Drugs' [I still can't get over how cool that band name is] plans beyond the record release. "End of July into August we'll be in Europe, hitting some of the same places we went last year and a whole bunch of new ones. We've got a little time between then and starting the Slapshot, Ignite, and Death By Stereo run.

"Sam and Dylan are going to continue cataloging the wild mosses and fungi of North America, Edgar claims to be close to finishing his Yma Sumac record collection, Chris wants to try spanakopita for the first time, and I'll be working on my career as a French Toast Sommelier after I learn French."

"Beyond that, we're planning West Coast dates for the future."

Disposition will be out June 14th via Indecision Records (pre-order).

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