Botched Pneumonectomy: Meet the Power Violence Band with an Actual Pit Bull for a Vocalist

When pig squeal vocals aren't over-the-top enough, you go to the local dog shelter and get an actual pit bull to front your band.

Based in Victorville, California, Botched Pneumonectomy is a power violence outfit fronted by a canine named Spike. Musically speaking, the group could fit on a live bill with everyone from Sex Prisoner to Weekend Nachos to Hatred Surge. 

You can't talk about Botched Pneumonectomy without also showing respect to Caninus, a grind band that was led by two pit bulls: Budgie and Basil. 

This May, Botched Pneumonectomy will be unleashing (sorry) Promo 2024, their 5-song debut release. Check out a track called "Good Boy" below to get a nibble (sorry again) of their violent sound:

A portion of the proceeds generated from the download sales of Promo 2024 and Botched Pneumonectomy merch (including, of course, dog t-shirts) will be donated to Angel City Pit Bulls, a non-profit in Los Angeles.

Promo 2024 will arrive across all digital music outlets on May 3rd, and the cassette will be available via Blast Addict Records.

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