OK Buddy: Pennsylvania Group Offers Melodic Hardcore Hooks on “Timesup” (PREMIERE)

OK Buddy is a melodic hardcore band from Pennsylvania. With lyrics that touch on growth and self reflection, their influences include everything from Title Fight to Have Heart to Spraynard.

Featuring longtime veterans from varying scenes in and around Pennsylvania and New Jersey, OK Buddy are gearing up to begin writing a full length LP that will serve as the follow-up to their 2022 debut EP, Along the Way.

To showcase where their material is heading, OK Buddy just dropped a two-song single in the form of "Timesup" for you to check out:

"I wrote this song about my best friend who has been an alcoholic since we were in our early 20s," OK Buddy guitarist/vocalist Lukas Hill told No Echo via email. "We're both 30 now, living very different lives. I have a good job, my health, a new car and I'm financially stable. He lives with his grandparents, he's broke, can't hold a job, can't keep his license, and seems to be less of the person I used to know every time I see him.

"Every once and a while I try to hang out with him but he just gets fucked up and does something stupid. It's a risk to even take him somewhere in public sometimes. It's heartbreaking and I find myself asking if I or anyone could have done something earlier in our lives to save him. He's killing himself and sometimes it feels like all you can do is watch it happen. I love you, B."

Timesup / Buried in My Backyard will be released digitally on December 23rd.

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