Short Fuse: Italian Hardcore Band Inks Label Deal, Drops “Liberation Dance” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Silvio Giammarco

Hot on the heels of last week's signing of No Other Way, New Age Records has added yet another band to its roster. This time the Orange County, California label set its sails to Italy and snatched up Short Fuse, a hardcore quintet that formed back in 2014.

The Roman crew's discography includes the Till Death demo (2014), What Still Remains EP (2016), and full-length album Sink or Swim (2019). Throughout the years, Short Fuse haveplayed throughout their homeland and Spain, France, and Portugal, sharing stages with the likes of Gorilla Biscuits, Madball, and Comeback Kid along the way.

Working with producer Alessio from Nero di Marte throughout summer 2021, Short Fuse completed their forthcoming sophomore album, Embrace Yourself. New Age Records will be issuing the record this coming summer.

Check out the album's moshtastic first single called "Liberation Dance" via this new music video:

"It may be redundant, but this work represents one of the hardest moment of our lives, as the past two years," Short Fuse vocalist Andrea told No Echo via email.

"The song follows a different direction, though consistent, compared to the past, constantly balanced between hope and resignation, between quiet and anger.”

Embrace Yourself will be out this summer via New Age Records. Hit this link to order a limited edition Short Fuse t-shirt for the next 48 hours.


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