Milk Money: Utah Post-Hardcore Band Tells Dystopian Werewolf Love Story on “Mercy”

Photo: Kesler Ottley

With a history that can be traced back to '00s xvx hardcore band Cherem, Milk Money is a Salt Lake City-based post-hardcore band No Echo first told you about a couple of months before the pandemic hit. 

"One night, we were spinning bands we grew up on like Failure, Far, Hum, and Sunny Day Real Estate and we decided to start an alt-rock band," vocalist/guitarist Dan Fletcher told the site when asked about the formation of Milk Money.

At the time, the group was promoting their 2019 debut album, Reckon. This time out, we're discussing Milk Money forthcoming EP, Howl.

The record is part of a bigger conceptual piece that the band has been working hard on. Howl will be the first installment in a series of EPs that tell the story of a "young werewolf balancing good and evil in a bleak dystopian future."

With the title track already streaming on the Milk Money Bandcamp page, No Echo has partnered with the combo to present the premiere for their music video to "Mercy," the EP's second song:

"In 'Mercy,' we meet our unlikely hero as a young man, or, uh, werewolf," Fletcher tells No Echo. "He's struggling with his bloodlust and promising to flex his violent powers to good ends.

"It's a song for anyone who's dealt with trauma and carries stories and secrets with them that they can't tell others. For anyone who struggles to turn hurt into good, no matter how hard it is." 

Howl will be out October 23rd. Check out all of the purchasing/streaming options at this link.

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