Pointbreak: Arizona Hardcore Band Dials Up the Crossover Riffs on “Relinquished” (PREMIERE)

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It's a fresh start for Pointbreak starting today.

Previously featured on No Echo, the Phoenix, Arizona-based hardcore outfit formed back in 2018, releasing an EP called Forsaken the following year.

With new members coming into the fold, Pointblank took the chance to freshen their stylistic direction. The rebirthed quintet now lean heavily into a crossover thrash sound that packs a steady arsenal of meaty guitar riffs and whammy bar-laced solos throughout.

The other headline for Pointbreak is their new union with Upstate Records, the New York label also behind recent releases by Kind Eyes, Bovice, and Bloodclot. “Pointbreak’s new material epitomizes the true style of metallic hardcore," Upstate Records founder Mario Cangemi told No Echo via email. "There is something very special about hardcore dudes that make metal music. It’s harder and more authentic, and Pointbreak absolutely delivers."

Pointbreak's refreshed sonic approach can be heard on "Relinquished," the first single from their new label partnership:

Pointbreak vocalist Martin Miramontes Jr. offered the following about the song:

"'Relinquished' is about me talking to my younger self and telling him to push through. But then every time I’m about to tell myself what I need to do, I wake up and never knowing what it turns out to be."

"Relinquished" will be released digitally on all streaming platforms on October 7th via Upstate Records (pre-save link).


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