Orphaned: Ohio Blackened Crust Band Tells a Police Story on “Mourner” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jon Nix

You gotta dig this following band bio introduction sentence: "Orphaned was initiated to create an intense unavoidable devastating wall of anger and emotion."

It's no wonder the Ohio trio play a filthy strain of blackened crust and doom metal. Their forthcoming Hate Has Consequences EP are rooted in the fine tradition of hardcore punk, addressing social economic injustice, the police system, and homophobic and transphobia in the United States.

No, Orphaned isn't making music to make you feel comfortable, but if you're into the harsher side of the musical spectrum, feast on "Mourner" below in this exclusive track premiere:

"'Mourner' was written about a former Cleveland Ohio police officer that I went to school with," Orphaned guitarist/vocalist Ted Bizon told No Echo via email.

"During late 2020, an extensive list of abuses of power by this individual were made public. After a drawn-out internal investigation, this individual was fired for abuses of force against people of color. The lyrics and aggressive composition in this song release the resentment I harbor about knowing this individual. It is written about enacting revenge against unnecessary physical abuse. I am disgusted with the peers who defend his actions."

The Hate Has Consequences EP will be out digitally on May 1st via Tomb Tree (Bandcamp page). The limited edition cassette version (50 copies) of the EP will begin shipping in late May. 

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