New Age Records to Celebrate 31st Anniversary with Special Show This Fall (EXCLUSIVE)

Redbait at New Age Fest 30, Locker Room, Garden Grove, CA, 2018. (Photo: Albert Licano)

I have been in multiple New Age bands over the span of about 15 years that include Hellfire Trigger, Amendment Eighteen, Outspoken, One X Choice, 7 Generations, and most recently Redbait. 

Every few years, New Age Records puts together a showcase “fest” that includes current bands and veteran bands no longer together. The first event of this nature was in 2005, and I was in Hellfire Trigger (the most junior New Age band at the time). What made the 2005 “Coming of Age” fest so special was that since I moved to California in 1999, i had missed out on seeing bands like Outspoken, Mean Season, Collateral Damage, and A Chorus of Disapproval. It was also my first exposure to Up Front, Countervail, and even 7 Generations. 

I became more involved with New Age. For bands on the label, it is a highly accessible environment. Too, there is an indescribable feeling to be part of a legitimate historical hardcore independent treasure. 

I moved to St Louis in 2010 and expected my hardcore days to be a lot lower profile; but in 2018, Redbait found ourselves back in the New Age circles. At a Midwest fest called “Dig the Well”, Madeline and Rebecca were immediately recognized and welcomed by our labelmates in Decline and Treason. This has always been my memories of what being on New Age is like. 

Decline, Treason, and Redbait at Dig the Well, St Louis, MO. (Photo: Chelsea Elliot)

We traveled to Orange County to play the New Age Records 30th Anniversary (“NA30”) in August of 2018. I played in sets for both Hellfire Trigger (reunion) and Redbait. I was able to reconnect with lots of old comrades, and i was blow away by the current New Age roster. Decline, Treason, Crow Killer, Restraining Order, Cutting Through, Drug Control, Safe and Sound, and Dividing Line were punishing. The veteran bands were better than i had remembered. Plus, most bands only had a 15 minute set, and they all used that 15 minutes to bring it with everything they had. As Redbait practiced in Anaheim before NA30, we timed our set and tooled it to what we considered to be our fullest. 

The Dividing Line at Programme Skate & Sound. Fullerton, CA. (Photo: Jeff Lasich)

We left inspired, and all agreed that NA30 was the best show we had ever attended. 

Out of those discussions, we made the decision to put together a New Age showcase somewhere in the Midwest. St Louis was chosen because of its central location, inexpensive and free amenities, and...well...because we were the gluttons for punishment willing to put it together. 

Putting a fest together takes colossal effort, no matter how connected you are, provided you wish to put together something special for those who attend. It’s even more difficult to put a fest together using bands from only one label. This is the first time in New Age history that Midwest bands are on the label, therefore most current bands and 100% of alumni are on the coasts. 1000 miles to the East Coast and 1800 miles to the West Coast. 

Show information:
Date: Saturday, September 28, 2019
Venue: Fubar. St Louis, MO

The flyer above only reflects the current confirmed bands. Other acts added will be announced periodically. We do plan to add a couple of our closest comrade bands that are not signed to New Age to the bill. 

Decline at New Age Fest 30, Locker Room, Garden Grove, CA, 2018. (Photo: Jeff Lasich

For anyone who has never been to St Louis, here is some points of interest:

  • Zoo (free of charge to attend)
  • Art Museum (free of charge to attend)
  • History Museum (free of charge to attend)
  • Science Center (free of charge to attend)
  • The city is vegan friendly. 
  • The St Louis City Museum is unlike anywhere else in the country, and is a must see. 
  • The cost of living in St Louis is very low, and therefore a very inexpensive travel destination. 

Stay tuned to New Age Records on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for more info as it gets confirmed.

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