No Echo x Life Force: Texas Hardcore Band Drops T-Shirt to Help Benefit the Website

It's with great honor that I'm announcing that a few bands from the hardcore scene have decided to help raise some funds for No Echo via some cool merch.

The project is launched today via a t-shirt from New Age Records artists Life Force.

Designed by Martin Miramontes of the band Pointbreak, and featuring a cool live shot by Texas-based photographer Gray Muncy, the shirt is available now at Chosen Path for the low price of $8 (XXX Large and XXXX Large are $10).

In an amazing offering of generosity, the bands will be donating the proceedings to our website. 

Huge thanks to Martin for organizing this project! He blew my mind when he approached me with the idea.

Here is the direct link to the Life Force x No Echo t-shirt.

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