Drill Sergeant: Philly Hardcore Rippers Return with “A Knife That Cuts”

Photo: Shaun Mares

Regular readers of No Echo might remember the last time we checked in with Drill Sergeant was last year. At the time, our very own Adam Yoe reviewed the Philadelphia-based hardcore outfit's debut album, Vile Ebb.

"Still sipping from the same fetid well that gave us power violence royalty Infest, No Comment, Man Is the Bastard, and Crossed Out; Drill Sergeant also dabble in the cold and echoey remove of post-punk in both their cavernous sound and the damaged guitar lines," read his write-up.

Today, we're covering "A Knife That Cuts," a track from Drill Sergeant's forthcoming follow-up EP, Grim New War.

Opening the 7-inch with the song makes total sense as it rips through with focused speed and vitroil, bringing to mind Foreseen in its ferocity:

Featuring artwork by Samuelito Cruz, and tracked and mixed by Zach Miller at Landmine Studios Trenton, New Jersey, Grim New War will be out on January 20th via Refuse Records.

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