Moon Rot: Boston Hardcore Quartet Wants a Revolution on “Dead Order” (PREMIERE)

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Moon Rot is a Boston-based band formed in 2019. Featuring ex-members of The World Series, Black Bear, and Battleships, the group's songwriting style is rooted in hardcore, but there's moments where riffy elements of sludge and The Suicide File-like hooks pierce through their arrangements.

Last year, Moon Rot's eponymous debut EP got things rolling nicely for the guys, leading to a new union with Patient Zero Records (Going Off, Near Dark).

Moon Rot's sophomore EP will be arriving this summer, and to get things rolling, the band has just made a music video for a new track called "Dead Order" starring some familiar amphibians:

"The world is run rampant with corrupt organizations, led by rich white old men telling us how to think how and how to exist," Moon Rot vocalist Liam Gallagher told No Echo via email about his "Dead Order" lyrics. "They are few and we are many. There’s a point where we stop being misled and lead ourselves.

"This song is about dropping our role as sheep, bearing teeth, and rising up."

Stay tuned to Moon Rot at the links below, and also give Patient Zero Records a follow for more info on the forthcoming EP.

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