New Artist Focus: Lockdown

Photo: Daniel Arteaga

Since No Echo is always trying to shine the spotlight on both older and newer hardcore bands, we're bringing you Lockdown today. Based in the Los Angeles area, they formed last year, but we'll Juan from the group break it down for you: "Originally, we started jamming as a three piece with Angel on drums until he decided to move on doing vocals. This was the turning point for us as we decided to take music more seriously and get a solid drummer. At the time, @la_hc had a musicians group going via Facebook and we would later meet Jacob B. on there. 

"After our first practice together, we knew Jacob was the perfect fit. We were drawn together by a mutual love for hardcore, Diztort, a desire to start a band and play music/shows. Recently, we added Jacob 2 on drums, where he replaced Jacob 1, who moved to second guitar."

Confused yet, don't worry about it... just listen to the Lockdown demo below:

Angel enters the conversation with some thoughts on the Lockdown sound: "In my opinion, despite our influences, listening to the three songs we released on our demo, I think our sound falls around early Death Threat, Merauder, Cold as Life, and Madball, of course. Since the beginning, we had a hard time picking the band’s name and sound. I think our sound is just going to evolve from what we have now. This is just only the beginning and through our music, I hope one day to play shows and tour with bands that I look up to."

Photo: Daniel Arteaga

Though the pandemic abrubtly put things on ice for live shows, Juan and his Lockdown bandmates are poised to build on the momentum they got going before the world went into the toilet. 
"All of the shows we’ve played in a course of a year have been fun. Our first show was at Powerline’s first zine release show and that was the perfect first show to start as a band. Generally, people who have seen us live have received us well. It was with our friends and labelmates Risk and Exile, and bands like Union Front and Magnolia. Those are some bands who've supported us since day one and continue to show us nothing but love, and us likewise to them."

Angel adds: "After this quarantine is lifted, and it is safe to go out in the open, we hope to play more shows soon and hit other places we haven’t gone to. Hopefully everyone is staying inside and safe out there!"

Lockdown can be found on Instagram, and their demo is up now via Slam Records.


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