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Record Collector: Andrew Orlando (Black Army Jacket, Hope Collapse, Milhouse, Reservoir Records, Disnihil)

I've played in two bands with Andrew Orlando (Black Army Jacket and Hope Collapse), and I consider him one of my closest friends. Throughout the past two decades of knowing him, he's always been passionate about underground music, especially hardcore and metal. In the '90s, he even ran his own label called Reservoir Records which released music by the likes of Spazz, Noothgrush, and Garden Variety, among other bands. Oh, and I can't forget Monkeybite, an essential zine he co-edited around the same time.

Andrew was one of the first people I asked to take part in the Record Collector series, so here we go...

How long have you been collecting hardcore vinyl?

I started in 1987 at 16 years old. There have been large blocks of time when I didn’t collect records; also periods where I sold most everything except a box or two of “essentials." The last 5 years I have gotten more into it and filled in a lot of holes in my collection. A mid-life crisis, if you will.

Where/how do you usually find your hardcore records? 

Record fairs (there are a lot of them in the NY area), word of mouth, message boards, Instagram, Discogs, eBay (last resort).

What is the most you paid for a hardcore record, where/how did you obtain it, and what was it? 

Let’s just say under $1000 but over $500 for the Black Flag Nervous Breakdown first press 7” I got it at the WFMU Record Fair in Brooklyn this past April. I knew the person selling it, luckily. I mean come on, it’s the first Black Flag record and SST # 1. That means for me, it’s a must own!

What is your most prized hardcore record and why?

I have two copies of the Minor Threat Filler 7” The red cover version that was given to me by Bricks from C.R./Miracle Drug. From a friend like that, I’ll cherish it forever. Also, it’s probably the greatest hardcore record ever. I don’t just cherish hardcore records though; I’m really into “guitar” LPs like Al Di Meola Casino and Santana/Mahavishnu Love Devotion Surrender. Also, I always buy pristine copies of Missing Persons Spring Session M because I’m obsessed with it.

Outside of the money you spend, what do you hate most about record collecting in the hardcore world? 

Not too much bothers me except for the skyrocketing prices on eBay for records right now. It needs to come back down to earth a little.

Which record(s) are still on your want list that you've had a tough time tracking down through the years?

Agnostic Front United Blood 7" is my number one with a bullet.


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